Our Clinics

We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases and offer a wide variety of medical services.

Our Practice has an extensive Health Care Preventative Medical Service, run by the Practice Nurses and the Doctors.

Child Health Clinic 

Wednesday morning 09:00 – 11:45. By Appointment only

All pre-school children are offered regular checks on their growth and development. Some of these examinations are done by the health visitor alone and others in conjunction with the doctor. When a check-up is due, you will normally be sent a letter offering you an appointment.

Childhood Immunisations

Tuesday afternoons by appointment or prior arrangement.

If you miss an appointment you may arrange to see the health visitor at another time for your child to have his or her immunisations.

Cervical Smears

This test is recommended for all women aged 20-60 years. In normal circumstances this test is carried out every 3 years. The test result will be posted to the patient approximately 4-8 weeks following the smear test.

Contraception & Well Woman Services

The doctors and practice nurses are happy to give advice on contraception and family planning to teenagers and adults, whether male or female. All consultations for contraceptive advice are of course confidential.  All the GP’s provide family planning services, including prescribing of oral contraception, (“The Pill” and “The Mini Pill”).  Our practice nurses can also see patients for any necessary reviews of their contraception. Drs McDougall & Macaulay also offer fitting of intra uterine contraceptive devices (“The Coil”).   Drs McDougall & Macaulay also insert and remove Implanon. 

Same day consultations are available with the practice nurses or GPs for emergency contraception.

Diabetic clinic

Our Diabetic Clinic is held on Tuesday mornings.

Diabetes monitoring

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose (sugar) levels become too high. This may be caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin or because the cells in the body do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Insulin is a hormone that stops blood sugar from getting too high.

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes it is important to reduce the blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle, as all the cells in the body can be damaged by high glucose levels. Diabetes can put you at higher risk of health problems such as heart disease, stroke, eye, kidneys and nerve damage.

You be will invited to attend the diabetic clinic at the practice once a year where you will have blood tests and a foot examination. Before you attend you will be asked to have a blood and urine test. In the clinic you will have a full assessment including a blood pressure check and foot examination.

All aspects of diabetes will be discussed and support will be given for you to manage your diabetes. You will have the opportunity to discuss your diet and lifestyle. You may also be prescribed tablets to help reduce the glucose levels. Some people will need insulin injections. You will also be referred to the hospital for retinal screening once a year.

Maternity Services

Our doctors all offer maternity medical services, i.e. antenatal and postnatal care shared with your chosen maternity unit. Pre-pregnancy advice is also available.

Travel Advice & Immunisations

The practice nurses offer advice for travellers to exotic destinations. This includes vaccinations, advice regarding protection against tropical diseases such as malaria and diarrhoea illnesses. They also offer general travel advice (e.g. deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis on long haul flights). The practice is a registered Yellow Fever Centre and we keep Yellow Fever Vaccine in stock.  


Minor Surgery

All the GPs are qualified and equipped to perform minor surgical procedures. This can range from removal of warts and verrucas to excision of small lumps and bumps. Drs Campbell also perform joint injections. Please make an appointment to discuss with your doctor if you wish a minor surgical procedure carried out. 

Other Services

In addition to the clinics mentioned above the practice also hold a contract with GGNHSB for the following enhanced services:

  • Annual flu immunisation programme to protect the elderly and at risk.
  • Regular monitor by blood and urine tests for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis and bowel problems.
  • Annual comprehensive reviews for patients with heart disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis
  • Annual comprehensive review for patients with diabetes; this includes appointments with the dietician and podiatrist.
  • Annual comprehensive review for patients with respiratory problems i.e. asthma or copd
  • An immunisation programme for 16-24 year olds to ensure that they are adequately protected against mumps.
  • Various phlebotomy services.